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This review was first published on: 2004.


I'm trying to remember when "Magic Eye" pictures first appeared. I'm pretty sure it was the early 90's. I remember being in a mall and seeing people stopped and staring at some bizarre posters on display. These people were staring at these crazy patterns, like there was something in there. I mean, obviously any fool could see there was nothing but a mixed-up mess of... Huh? Holy crud! There's a 3-D picture in there!

Magic Eye Inc. invented these damned things, and they made a mint out of them. Magic Eye books became The thing to buy for christmas. They were like Furbys, with more eye strain, but a lot less noise. Of course, Marvel finally got in on the act, and here we have "Magic Eye: The Amazing Spider-Man"

In Detail...

Magic Eye: The Amazing Spider-Man
Year 1996 : SM Title
Publisher:  Andrews and McMeel
Creator:  Magic Eye Inc.
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I'm not really sure what to say here. It's a Magic Eye book. Stare at them for long enough, and you either see a cool 3-D picture, or else you get a nasty case of nausea. In my case both. There 25 images in this book, more or less. Some of the graphics used to hold the image are just vague squirly patterns, but a few of them actually use Spidey-specific graphics to encapsulate the image.

In General...

This is a Magic Eye book, with Spidey in the pictures. It's a great way to pass a bit of time, as long as you don't mind a mild headache afterwards.

Overall Rating...

Magic Eye is a curious concept, and indubitably clever. This is a fun collectable. Let's give it three and a half webs.