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This review was first published on: Aug 2013.


This is the latest Marvel/Spider-Man offering from Lee Publications, creators of the "Yes & Know", "Magic Pen" and "Invisible Ink" books. It follows their traditional 5.5" x 8", 48-page, top-stapled format.

It is predominantly "Invisible Ink", but also contains two "Sticker Puzzles". That makes it the Spider-Man equivalent of the Marvel Heroes: Justice for All, 2-in-1 Invisible Ink & Sticker Puzzles (Lee) which was released in the same year.

In Detail...

Amazing Spider-Man: 2-in-1 Invisible Ink & Sticker Puzzles (Lee)
Year 2012 : SM Title
Find ISBN 156297694X
Publisher:  Lee Publications
Staff Only

The 48 pages are blank on one side, so there are actually only 24 "Invisible Ink" pages. Each follows the style of the example page shown, in that there is a line drawn image, part of which (identified by dashed lines) contains invisible black & white line art which will be revealed when you apply the special Orange pen (included).

The printed line art alternates red and blue from page to page, but are otherwise equivalent. Each image also has a caption. The captions feel like they should make a story, but they don't.

There are two "sticker puzzles". Each puzzle consists of 30 numbered stickers which need to be placed in the indicated order to create a color image. Not much of a puzzle, really. Well, if you can't count, then I guess it's a puzzle. But otherwise, not exactly challenging. Sadly, the puzzle images are garish and badly drawing.

In General...

None of the artwork is original. It's all taken from the same pool of art used by most of the books in the Marvel Color/Activity (Scholastic Australia) series.

The pages feature Black Cat, Electro and Doctor Octopus working together for some unexplained reason. The characterisation is non-existent. The villains (including the Black Cat) are villainous, and are committing mayhem for mayhem's sake.

There doesn't seem to be any particular crime being committed, except that the villains wish to "beat" Spider-Man. Spider-Man in his turn is attempting to "stop" the villains. It's so generic bad-vs-good that it makes me want to cry, puke, and cry some more.

Overall Rating...

Recycled art-work, mindless "villains vs. heroes" drivel. Ugly, stupid sticker puzzles. Pointless captions making non-stories.

Yeah, "Invisible Ink" is cool and everything. But honestly, this really is mass-produced, mindless product. These guys are just going through the motions now, and it's pissing me off. Spidey deserves better than this.

Two webs.