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This review was first published on: Jul 2011.


This is one of four different "Golden Everything Workbooks" published in 1980. Like its fellows, it is in standard coloring book size, i.e. 8.25" x 11.5" with a soft color card. The interior printing is bright color, though the paper stock is standard newsprint, which has a creamy tint three decades later.

There are 48 pages in this "Fun With Words Book 2". The first was priced at 79c, but the last three jumped quickly to 99c.

In Detail...

Golden Everything Workbook: Fun with Words (Book 2)
Year 1980 : SM Guest
Summary: Featuring The Hulk and other Super Heroes Characters (Spider-Man Appears)
Publisher:  Western Publishing Company, Inc.
Writer:  Leslie Gregg
Artist:  Jerry Ordway, Wayne Dober
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I've already raved about the first couple of books in this series, and this one is no exception.

I find it quite depressing to flick through activity books from the 90's or later. The same internal content is recycled again and again. Even if the art is new, there's rarely any freshness or originality.

This book is quite the opposite. Every page is unique and carefully constructed. All the art and text was produced specifically for this book and no other. Color abounds throughout. There are games and puzzles in too many different shapes and forms to even begin to describe.

The Incredible Hulk is the star of the book, but Spider-Man makes half a dozen cameos in various page.

In General...

For a jaded Spider-Fan like me, these books are overwhelmingly appealing. The are the gems that make my collecting hobby worthwhile.

Overall Rating...

This entire series ranks very highly among several decades of Marvel coloring books. I rate it an inspiring four and a half webs.