Comics : Industry Material

Books, magazines, comics that discuss the comics industry.

Industry Material
Alter Ego
Alter Ego Collection
Amazing Heroes
American Comic Book Chronicles
American Libraries
Animated Life
Back Issue
Best Of Amazing Heroes
Blip Videogame Magazine
Books (Biographies & Profiles)
Books (Collecting)
Books (History of Comics), p2
Books (How To Create Comics)
Books (Scott McCloud)
Books (Vault)
Bronx Times
Castle of Frankenstein
The Collected Jack Kirby Collector
Comic Book Artist
Comic Book Artist (Vol. 2)
Comic Book Artist Bullpen
Comic Book Creator
Comic Book Marketplace
Comic Book Marketplace Special
Comic Book Profiles
Comic Files Magazine
Comic Reader
Comic Shop News, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6
Comic Times
Comics Buyer's Guide, p2, p3
Comics Explorer
Comics Feature
Comics Interview
Comics Interview Super Special
Comics Journal
Comics Journal Library
Comics Scene
Comics Spotlight
Convention Promo (Big Apple)
Convention Promo (Heroes)
Convention Promo (Marvel Comics)
Convention Promo (MegaCon)
Convention Promo (Motor City)
Cracked Collectors' Edition
Cracked Magazine
Cracked Super
Crazy Magazine
Creem (Vol. 4)
Critics Choice File Looks at the X-Men
Ed Hannigan: Covered
Electronic Gaming Monthly
Entertainment Weekly
Eye Magazine (Vol. 2)
The Fantaco Chronicles
First Flight
Gag! Magazine
Game Players
Game Pro
Hero Illustrated
Hogan's Alley
Inquest Gamer
Jack Kirby Checklist
The Jack Kirby Collector
Jack Kirby Quarterly
Lotus Noir
Marvel Age Annual
Marvel Calendars
Marvel Comics in the Decades
Marvel Preview
Marvel Previews, p2
Marvel Previews (Vol. 2)
Marvel Previews (Vol. 3)
Marvel Previews (Vol.4)
Marvel Previews Special
Marvel Reports
Marvel Requirer
Marvel Vision
Marvel: The Year in Review
Marvelmania Catalog
Marvelmania Magazine (1969 One Shot)
Marvelmania Magazine (1970 Series)
Merry Marvel Messenger
Misc Magazine Appearances
Miscellaneous Fanzines
Model and Toy Collector
Modern Masters
The Monster Times
NFL Pro Action
NFL Pro Action (Vol. 2)
Naki Video Game Accessories Catalog
New York
New Yorker
Nickelodeon Magazine
Nintendo Power Magazine
Non-Sports Update
Overstreet's Comic Price Review (Vol. 1)
PSM Magazine
Page Six
Playstation Magazine (Australia)
Playstation Magazine (U.S.)
Pure Images (Vol. 3)
Rocket's Blast Comicollector
Rolling Stone Magazine
Rough Stuff
Spectrum Catalog (Vol. 3)
Spider-Man Portfolios
Superheroes Files
TV Annual (UK)
TV Guide
Time Magazine
Tips & Tricks Magazine
Titan Movie Magazine
Tomart's Action Figure Digest
Tuff Stuff's Collect!
Video Watchdog
White's Guide to Collecting Figures
Wizard Magazine, p2, p3, p4
Wizard Special
Write Now!

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