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Spider-Man books, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels from any universe whatsoever (except for Coloring & Activity Books).

Spider-Man Books (Not Coloring & Activity)
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Marvel Super Hero Squad: Phonics Reading Program (Scholastic)
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Sight Words
Marvel Super Heroes Annual (UK)
Marvel Super Heroes Collector's Club
Marvel Super Heroes Computer Fun
Mighty Marvel Superheroes Fun Book
Mighty World of Marvel Annual (UK)
My First Puzzle Books (Phidal)
Official Marvel Try-Out Book
Paradise Books: Let's Play Hide & Seek with Hulk!
Paradise Books: Meet Team Marvel
Paradise Books: Spider-Man
Paradise Books: Spider-Man Heroes
Paradise Books: Spider-Man Pop-Up
Paradise Books: Spider-Man Search
Paradise Books: Spider-Man Special Helpers
Paradise Books: Spider-Man Sports
Spider-Man Annual (UK), p2, p3
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Spider-Man Anthologies (Byron Preiss)
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Spider-Man: Phonics Fun (Scholastic)
Spider-Man: Secret of the Glass
Ultimate Spider-Man Novels
Ultimate Spider-Man: Phonics Program (Scholastic)

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