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A red/blue costume that is apparently part of his shapeshifting skin.




5'10" - Variable


165 lbs - Variable


All of Spider-Man's abilities; if he is alive, his shape shifting abilities might grant him immortality, since he did fall off the top of a skyscraper.


Susceptible to high body damage resultant from a 50+ story fall.


All of Spider-Man's powers; The Jackal enhanced him so he was able to grow in size, to great proportions, and to shrink back down again, and to stretch his limbs and turn them into sharp blades.

Strength Level

As strong as Spider-Man.



Created By
Current Occupation

A blob.

Dual Identity

Unknown to those not involved in the story.


Has Peter's knowledge, taken midway through college.

Former Aliases

Spidercide was his baptism name, but Spidey called him Freakface.

Former Occupation

Lunatic henchman of the Jackal and Scrier.

Known Allies

Jackal, Scrier.

Known Confidants

Jackal, Scrier.

Known Relatives

Jackal (father -- sort of). Peter, Ben, Kaine, Jack, Guardian, 1,000 clones, (brothers -- sort of).

Legal Status

Dead. Or comatose and incarcerated. I dunno. Pick one.

Major Enemies

Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, Kaine, Jackal.

Marital Status


Place of Birth

One of Jackal's labs. Which one? I dunno. Pick one.

Real Name

Peter Parker (clone).

Usual Bases



When Ben Reilly and Kaine returned to NY, a third Peter Parker clone surfaced. He wandered the streets amnesiac, doing a few good deeds. Eventually his latent memories were triggered, and he came to believe that he was the real Peter Parker, prisoner of the Jackal for 5 years. Facing with Ben and Peter, and learning that Kaine has Mary-Jane, he sets off alone to find her, followed by the slightly more cooperative duo. During the battle with Kaine, he revealed his true nature: he was intent on killing the other three. His body had been mutated by the Jackal, and in the madness of his denial of being a clone despite all the evidence against him, his body grew to giant proportions. He was presumed dead after an explosion, and Kaine fled to fight another day.

Returning to the Jackal, the clone was told that he was really a clone, and was enabled to control his mutating powers. Becoming Spidercide, he fought his brethren again, nearly killing Kaine (the Jackal, of all people, healed Kaine's injured body). In the end, Spidercide aligned with Scrier, an agent of Norman Osborn (fact unknown at the time -- we just knew Scrier had an agenda) and betrayed the Jackal. He tried to kill his creator, but he failed, and fell from the top of the Daily Bugle in the process.

When the NYPD arrived, they couldn't be sure if he was really dead, because Spidercide's body had become a quasi-liquid blob. They took him into custody nonetheless. His status is unknown, and he was never seen since. He probably never will.

The "next big thing" comes in cycles. Venom was the "dark Spider-Man". But Venom was cool. They wanted to sell Venom books, and they wanted to create more "Venoms" to get more money. Enter Carnage, designed to make Venom a not-so-bad-guy. Kaine was the new dark Spider-Man. But Kaine was cool. They wanted... eh, you see where I'm going with this. Enter Spidercide. Unfortunately for Marvel, people didn't react to clones as well as they did to symbiotes.

Appears In...

Mar 1995 1st: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #222
  (as a suspect to be Peter);
Mar 1995 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #399
  (Behind the scenes.)
Mar 1995 App: Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #56
  (Behind the scenes.)
Mar 1995 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #222
Apr 1995 App: Web of Spider-Man #123

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