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Bluish Black


5' 6"


140 lbs.


Legion ring


Enhanced Strength and Agility

Strength Level

Capable of lifting a few tons


Web shooter


Legal U.S. citizen

Created By
Current Aliases

Pete Ross

Current Groups

Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099

Current Occupation

Reporter for the Daily Bugle

Dual Identity

Known to many

Former Bases

Project Cadmus

Former Groups

Project Cadmus

Known Allies

Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 [Legion of Super-Heroes / Guardians of the Galaxy, 2099], Challengers of the Fantastic

Known Confidants

Insect Queen, General Ross

Known Relatives

Insect Queen [Insect Queen / Mary Jane] (wife to be), General Ross (adoptive uncle)

Legal Status

No criminal record

Major Enemies

Bizzarnage, Scavulture, King Lizard [King Shark / Lizard]

Marital Status


Place of Birth

Project Cadmus

Real Name

Peter Ross

Usual Bases

New York City


Note: Nearly every character in amalgam is made from one DC and one Marvel character. I will show this by [DC character / Marvel character] and if it is only from one of those universes it will be noted as such by the universes name. Example: [Marvel], got it? Good!

Spider-Boy [Spider-Man / Superboy] was created in Project Cadmus [DC] and was then adopted by his "uncle" General Ross [None / General Ross, Uncle Ben] (Spider-Boy calls him Uncle Gen). Spider-Boy then assumed the name Pete Ross [Peter Ross / Peter Parker, General Ross]. His immediate fame caused him to get an agent, Rex Leech [DC]. He befriended the Challengers of the Fantastic [Challengers of the Unknown / Fantastic Four] and many other heroes. As one would guess, he made many enemies including Bizzarnage [Bizzaro / Carnage], Scavulture [Scavenger / Vulture] and several more. He got a job at the Daily Bugle [Marvel] which is a tabloid in this universe.

Appears In...

Apr 1996 App: Spider-Boy #1
Apr 1996 App: X-Patrol #1
Jun 1997 App: Spider-Boy Team-Up #1

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Some of the above information is extracted from the various versions of the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe and the more recent Marvel Encyclopaedias.