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Red (Sleepwalker), Brown (Rick)


Appearance, costume, scars...


None (Sleepwalker), Brown (Rick)






Able to traverse the realms of the mind.


Imaginator-an object which banishes captured foes to other areas of the Mindscape. Sleepwalker lost his when Rick mistook it for a weapon and threw it away. He had reclaimed it once to defeat Cobweb but it was never seen since.


Sleepwalker is at the mercy of Rick's sleeping habits. If Rick should wake up Sleepwalker will be pulled back into his mind. He also relies on that to recharge his powers as the longer he is out in the real world the weaker they become. Sleepwalker is also addicted to the light spectrums produced by an object known as the Synthetic Diamond, which turns him into a common junkie.


Levitation, resistance to injury, reality bending warp eye beams (used solely on inanimate objects due to a Sleepwalker vow).

Strength Level

Sleepwalker is able to lift between 800 lbs and 25 tons.


Mindscape (Sleepwalker), United States (Rick)

Created By
Current Aliases

Rick Sheridan (human host)

Current Groups

If any, or "None".

Current Occupation

Super hero (Sleepwalker)

Dual Identity

Known by some enemies.


Sleepwalker's is unknown, but Rick is attending college

Former Groups

Secret Defenders

Former Occupation

Defender of the Mindscape (Sleepwalker), building super (Rick)

Known Allies

Spider-Man, Darkhawk

Known Confidants

Rambo (Rick's dog), Dr. Charles Warren Fong

Legal Status

None, although Sleepwalker is wanted by some federal agencies

Major Enemies

8-Ball, Office of Insufficient Evidence, Mr. Jyn, Chain Gang, Cobweb, Spectra

Marital Status


Place of Birth


Real Name


Usual Bases

Brooklyn, NY


The Sleepwalkers are a race of alien beings that patrol the dimension known as the Mindscape, which borders every mind in existence. Their mission is to prevent evil forces from invading the vulnerable minds of beings to feed on their mental energies. Sleepwalker had encountered the worst evil of all, the villainous Cobweb, trying to access the mind of college student Rick Sheridan. It turned out to be a trap as Cobweb had taken an exceptional disliking to this particular Sleepwalker. Although his attack was "repelled", Sleepwalker was drawn in too close to Rick's mind and became trapped within.

However, it was soon discovered that Sleepwalker could emerge from Rick's mind into our world whenever Rick fell asleep. This world strange and new, Sleepwalker observed until he recognized what humans might consider evil in the form of crime and stepped in to foil a robbery. When a police sketch surfaced on the news of Sleepwalker, Rick recognized it from his dreams and vowed never to sleep again lest the creature be released back on the world.

After a constant struggle for Sleepwalker to regain freedom from Rick's mind and Rick refusing to sleep to let him, Sleepwalker had confronted Rick and used his dreams to explain to him his purpose and story. Despite some uneasy feelings, Rick came to an understanding with Sleepwalker and allowed Sleepwalker the freedom of the night. Although, there have been times when the two have come at odds with each other over some misunderstandings.

Despite always desiring to find a way home to his beloved Mindscape and his people, Sleepwalker takes the time to further study the human world and to right any wrongs he may come across.

Appears In...

Jun 1991 App: Sleepwalker #1
  First appearance of Sleepwalker
Jul 1991 App: Sleepwalker #2
  vs. 8-Ball
Aug 1991 App: Sleepwalker #3
Sep 1991 FB: Sleepwalker #4
Oct 1991 App: Sleepwalker #5
  Meets Spider-Man

Here is the Full Appearance List (48 Apps) for Sleepwalker.

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