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Made of plastic.


Mask: Black with gray streak. Real: Orange.


6'2" (Approximate.)


175 lbs. (Approximate.)


Has good organization skills, talented inventor of weapons and other gadgets, sneaky, athletic.


Very cool jet-powered car with heating ducts to melt snow, built-in TV, ultra-sonic circuit breakers, and one way glass in windshield.


Far too obsessed with his parents.


None but is a well-trained athlete.

Strength Level

Normal human.


Fancy-looking pistol, big desk with square red buttons and guns, big lamp-hydraulic press combo, sword-like rod and stun nozzle built into cape, smoke grenade.



Created By
Current Aliases

Supreme Hydra, The Rose, Blood Rose, Kingpin II.

Current Occupation

The Schemer identity has been retired. Richard died a few years later.

Dual Identity

Not known to authorities.


Went to a snooty Alpine school.

Former Aliases

None before The Schemer.

Former Bases

New York.

Former Groups

Leader of his own gang.

Former Occupation

Student at a school where he could ski a lot.

Known Allies

Just the usual collection of goons.

Known Relatives

Father: Wilson Fisk. Mother: Vanessa Fisk.

Legal Status

No criminal record at this point.

Major Enemies

Spider-Man, The Kingpin.

Marital Status


Place of Birth

Not stated but presumably New York City.

Real Name

Richard Fisk


Richard Fisk was a happy and industrious student going to an exclusive school in the Swiss Alps. He was very proud of his successful and respected father and he trained himself mentally and physically in order to earn his father's love. Then, one day he learned that his father was really the infamous Kingpin of Crime and his whole world crumbled around him. Dejected and dazed by the news, he took a ski lift alone to the top of a mountain and disappeared, never to be found and believed to be dead.

But Richard was actually carrying out a plan. Using the money his father had given him, he makes his way back to New York, builds a fancy car and special weapons and hires his own mob. He also designs a nifty green costume with a high yellow collar and makes a mask that, when worn, makes him look like a scowling middle-aged man who has a white streak in his hair and who sweats a lot. He calls himself the Schemer and, in revenge for his heartbreak, sets out to get back at his dad.

The gang war between the Schemer and the Kingpin draws Spider-Man into the action. Eventually, however, it comes down to father and son, face to face. When the Schemer removes his mask to reveal himself, the Kingpin is so shocked by the realization that his son hates him that he falls into a catatonic state. As soon as this happens, Richard realizes that he never really meant to hurt his father. He atones for the harm he has caused by joining the terrorist organization called Hydra where he rises to the rank of Supreme Hydra. Once in charge, he uses Hydra's great resources to cure his father. Unbeknownst to the rest of Hydra, the Kingpin assumes control.

But unbeknownst to the Kingpin, the Red Skull is really the one in charge. In order to fight the Skull's attempt to resurrect Nazism, the Kingpin and Richard aid Captain America and the Falcon. When the smoke of the battle clears, Richard lies near death. The Kingpin keeps his son in suspended animation until he can steal the life force from Spider-Man to resuscitate him. Sometime thereafter, Richard Fisk becomes the crime-boss known as The Rose, and later dons a third identity as the Blood Rose. Check The Rose's profile to know the circunstances of Richard's death.

Appears In...

Apr 1970 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #83
May 1970 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #84
Jun 1970 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #85
  Identity revealed.

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