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The sixth Jack O'Lantern's real name is unknown but he is definitely one of the meanest pieces of work to use the name. A natural sadist, he was kidnapped one Halloween and trained to become s professional assassin. To make sure that he had no remaining loyalty to his birth parents, the Crime Master sent him to kill them. It was while he was killing his mother that he decided to hollow out her head and use it like a jack o'lantern. This kind of mutilation became his trademark.

Agent Venom had the displeasure of making a personal enemy of this new Jack O'Lantern while on a mission in Eastern Europe. While in the country of Nrosvekistan, Venom was looking for Dr Ekmecic, a specialist in vibranium weapons who was also being hunted by Jack O'Lantern. Jack was employed by the Crime Master and engaging in a little ethnic cleansing at the same time, gassing and poisoning the inhabitants of a local village. A battle broke out between Venom and Jack over Dr Ekmecic, which ended when Flash stuffed one of his enemies grenades into his helmet. The explosion caused Jack to flee on his flying broom stick, but permanently ruined his face. After Crime Master learned that Flash Thompson and Agent Venom were one and the same, Jack O'Lantern volunteered to teach him a lesson.

Betty Brant was kidnapped by Jack and Agent Venom went after them. Spider-Man also wanted to save Betty and the appearance of the web swinger enraged the symbiote. Flash was too busy trying to control the alien to save Betty, who was rescued by Spider-Man. Jack later showed up at Harrison Thompson's funeral and took Flash to see the Crime Master. (Flash was unable to resist, as the symbiote was being kept at a military base.) There, Crime Master made it clear that Agent Venom now worked for him. Jack and Flash's first mission: go to Las Vegas and a secret lab.

Jack used the mission as a sort of road trip to talk about himself and get to know Flash. It was here that he talked about his past and bragged about killing all of the previous Jack O'Lanterns. (He must have been referring to Mad Jack, Maguire Beck and Jack O'Lantern V, whom worked for Norman Osborn during Dark Reign. The first Jack O'Lantern (Jason Macendale) and second (Steven Levins) were long since dead. They were killed by Roderick Kingsley and the Punisher respectively.) After getting lunch at a diner, Jack "paid for" the meal by killing everyone in the building while Flash was outside.

When they arrived at the lab in Vegas, they found out what it was they were looking for: the Toxin symbiote. Seeing its "grandson" defenseless in a lab drove the Venom symbiote into a frenzy with desire to kill its descendant. It was only with Jack's timely intervention that the young alien was saved and sent back to the Crime Master.

Soon, Flash decided to end the threat that the Crime Master and his thugs posed to his family. He was about to assassinate Crime Master, when he was attacked by Eddie Brock (post Anti-Venom) who was out to kill all of the symbiotes. Jack and the Savage Six (Death Adder, Human Fly, Megatak) attacked Thompson, who was forced to flee. Eddie had been webbed to a wall and was taken to Crime Master and forcibly bonded to Toxin. The Savage Six immediately went after Flash's loved ones, with Jack finding Betty in a coffee shop. Agent Venom arrived just in time and took her to safety. They went to check on Flash's sister, Jessie, and found that her husband had been killed by Jack. His head had been made into a jack o'lantern. Flash followed the smoke trail from the flying broom stick to a church where Jessie was being held. Jack mocked Agent Venom as he tossed Jessie off of a spire. If Spider-Man couldnt save some blond from a fall, how could Thompson? Jessie was saved but Jack escaped with Toxin, who took Betty.

While Flash dealt with Death Adder and the Human Fly, Jack was with the Crime Master, Megatak, Toxin and Betty. When Agent Venom finally arrived at the abandoned shipyard at Staten Island, Toxin defeated Megatak for Venom, leaving Thompson to pursue Betty. Venom quickly disposed of Jack, dumping him into a vat of chemicals as the killer screamed to the Crime Master for help. (Crime Master was later shot and killed by Betty.) Jack survived the fall and began killing innocents, leaving them with his trademark mutilations. This left a trail for Venom to follow, leading up to their confrontation on Father's Day. Thompson found his father's corpse at Jack's hideout, his skull carved to resemble a jack o'lantern. A bomb under a table exploded, disorienting Agent Venom as Jack O'Lantern attacked him with a sickle. Jack ranted about how the Crime Master had been his only real father as he carved up Thompson, until Flash shot him and took him to prison.

Jack was eventually removed from prison by Magneto, during World War Hate. The Red Skull was in possession of Charles Xavier's brain, making him an immensely powerful telepath called Red Onslaught. He was also in charge of two adamantium Sentinels created by Iron Man. The X-Men and Avengers had been defeated, and Magneto called up a villain army to battle the Nazi. Among them were Jack O'Lantern, Deadpool, Enchantress, Hobgoblin, Mystique, Carnage, Absorbing Man, Loki, Doctor Doom, and Sabretooth. As Carnage mentioned that he planned on killing all of them after the fight with the Sentinels was done, Jack dared him to try. After the Inversion spell was cast by Dr. Doom and Scarlet Witch, Jack and the other villains were mysteriously returned to where they came from. (Axis #3)

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May 2011 1st: Venom (Vol. 2) #1
  First Appearance
Jun 2011 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #2
Jul 2011 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #3
Aug 2011 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #4
Feb 2012 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #10
Feb 2012 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #11
  Origin Revealed
Mar 2012 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #12
Jul 2012 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #17
  Joins Savage Six
Jul 2012 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #18
Aug 2012 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #19
Sep 2012 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #20
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Oct 2012 App: Venom (Vol. 2) #22
  Apprehended by Venom