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Spider-Man often gets merged or mutated, it's one of the things that Super-Heroes just get used to. Sometimes, it's just physical, but sometimes there's a costume change as well. For example...


In Spider-Man #25, Spider-Man fools around with Excalibur. As everyone knows, Excalibur are a pretty wacky bunch, and nobody is surprised when Spider-Man merges with Phoenix to become... Spider-Phoenix.

Hey, maybe we need a list of times that Peter Parker has wielded the Power Cosmic?

Captain Universe Spider-Man

In Amazing Spider-Man #329, Spider-Man's cosmic powers are finally explained, as he is revealed in fact to be Captain Universe - and his previous cosmic capabilites have been a practice session for the ultimate battle, against the Tri-Sentinel.

The Captain Universe powers change his costume, however the Spider-Man face mask is sufficient I guess to qualify this as a Mutated Spider-Man costume, and hence here it is.


In Amazing Spider-Man #410, Carnage melds with Spider-Man, or Spider-Ben, as it is at the time. The result is not very pretty, and certainly not very good for society.

After a little carnage at Ravencroft, everybodies favourite red symbiote eventually ends up back with Cletus Kassady, where he belongs.


Of course, it had to happen, but I'm surprised at how long it took for us to see Spider-Venom. This didn't happen in the official universe, it occured in the MC2 universe - in Spider-Girl #5 to be exact.

The symbiote escapes from captivity, and tracks down Peter Parker, the former Spider-Man, merging to become Spider-Venom. It's up to May Parker, and Uncle Phil (the former Green Goblin) to save the day.

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