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Huge Chest Scar Tissue (seemingly healed)


Reddish Brown


5' 11"


185 lbs


Adept at organization. A genius when it came to chemistry and mechanical gadgets.


The vertical-thrust goblin glider, which was powered by a miniature turbo- fan. It could go up to 90 miles per hour and support 400 pounds.


Not quick enough to avoid malfunctioning goblin gliders. Insanity (mitigated by medicated dermal patches)


The Goblin formula dramatically increased Osborn's intellect, although not to superhuman levels. His reflexes, and coordination are heightened. His strength is superhuman.

Strength Level

Somewhat less than Spider-Man's (lift (press) 10 tons)


Concussive, smoke, gas and incendiary bombs. Gloves capable of conducting pulses of electricity upwards of 10,000 volts. Gas and chemicals able to numb Spider-Man's spider-sense.



Created By
Current Aliases

The Goblin-Lord

Current Groups

leader of the Order of Goblins (derivative from the Cabal of Scriers)

Current Occupation

CEO of Oscorp, professional supervillain, leader of the Order of Goblins

Dual Identity

Once secret, publically revealed



Former Groups

The Enforcers, the Scriers, Dark Avengers, Dark X-Men, Thunderbolts

Former Occupation


Known Allies

The Crime-Master (deceased), Kraven the Hunter (former ally), the Scriers, the "Host", Morningstar (Top Cow character), Randall Crowne, Mentallo

Known Confidants

The Scriers, Mendel Stromm (Robot Master / Gaunt), Spider-Man, Donald Menken, Kolina Frederickson

Known Relatives

Harold "Harry" Osborn, son with Emily Osborn; Gabriel and Sarah Stacy, twin children with Gwen Stacy; Norman "Normie" Osborn III, grandson; Amberson Osborn/Norman Osborn I, father(presumedly deceased); Emily Osborn, wife(deceased); Liz Osborn (daughter-in-law)

Legal Status

Criminal record

Major Enemies


Marital Status


Place of Birth

Hartford, Connecticut

Real Name

Norman Virgil Osborn

Usual Bases

New York City; Paris, France; Thunderbolts Mountain, OsCorp (located off the Palisades in NYC, so he could see the George Washington bridge)


Norman Osborn was the only child of Amberson Osborn (Norman's father's name is also given as Norman Osborn I in Peter Parker Spider-Man Vol. 2 #25), a drunken and violent man who lost his invention company. During one of his father's rages, young Norman became determined to never be weak came to realize "only the strong survive." His father drove that point home by locking his son (alone) in one of the family homes over night during a thunder storm to cure Norman's fear of the dark. Norman feared that a green monster was with him, and he came to hate the flashes of light from the lightening. Afraid that the monster would eat him once the house was illuminated, he begged the darkness to stay forever. That night, he came to believe that the darkness was always better than the light.

Norman went to Empire State University on a science scholarship, and he met a happy, vibrant young woman, who later became Emily Osborn. She was able to bring out the best in the brooding young man, despite his constant desire to regain the wealth and power that his family had lost when his father's business failed. Norman and Emily had a son, Harry Osborn. But their happiness didn't last long, as Emily died shortly after Harry was born. The light in his life gone, Norman became even more angry and lustful for power, neglecting Harry in the process. An abusive man, Norman often berated and even beat his son.

Having done well in school with business and chemistry, Norman started his own company, OsCorp, with his old science professor, Dr Mendel Stromm. After having Stromm framed for embezzling, Osborn experimented on researcher Nels Van Adder with one of Norman's own prototype serums. The results were less than perfect, but in the end, Norman found Stromm's formula notes that let him develop the Green Goblin formula. (The formula was later copied by OsCorp researcher David Patrick Lowell, who became Sundown.) The formula had not been tested thoroughly, and blew up in his face. Norman nearly died, but discovered that the formula increased both his intelligence and strength. It also drove him insane.

Plotting to become leader of the underworld, Osborn created his Green Goblin personae and decided to establish his reputation by killing Spider-Man. He tried numerous times, including ambushing Spidey in Hollywood with Fancy Dan, Ox and Montana. Devising a compound that would weaken Spider- Man's spider-sense, he followed the Web-slinger undetected. Snatching Spider-Man while he was in his civilian identity of Peter Parker, the Goblin carted him back to a secret hideout. There he revealed to Peter his own secret identity. During the battle, the Goblin came in contact with live wires, which seemed to jolt him into partial amnesia. Since Osborn had no memory of his secret identity, Spider-Man let him go.

The amnesia, however, proved temporary. Osborn several times regained the memories of the Green Goblin and, knowing Spider-Man's own secret identity, came after Parker each time. Ever the master manipulator, The Goblin used other super criminals in his schemes, such as Kraven the Hunter, the Crime Master and Lucky Lobo. For what would be the "final" time, deciding the direct approach wasn't working, the Goblin kidnapped Gwen Stacy, Parker's girlfriend, and killed her, throwing her off of the George Washington Bridge. Although Spider-Man came close to exacting the ultimate revenge for this act at Osborn's warehouse, he pulled back before killing the Goblin. The Goblin was accidentally impaled by his own goblin glider.

Numb with shock after witnessing the event, Harry removed the Goblin's costume and weapons so that the arriving authorities found industrialist Norman Osborn, not the Green Goblin, dead. His secret identity was thus preserved for many years after his apparent death. Harry became the second the Green Goblin and begin his revenge on Peter Parker. Norman, aware that Harry had become the next Goblin, decided to sit back and allow Harry the chance to prove himself as a man.

Though he was in the morgue, Norman Osborn's tale did not end. According to his journals, the chemicals that altered Norman Osborn's strength, intelligence, and sanity also gave him superhuman healing ability. Despite being impaled through the chest, Norman regenerated, and escaped the morgue replacing his body with that of a drifter he murdered (and impaled through the chest). To cover-up the secret of his father's alter-ego, Harry bribed the coroner to fake the autopsy ensuring there would be no record of the Goblin formula in his blood.

Osborn left the United States for Europe. For seven years Norman was in hiding - planning, plotting, waiting for the day to arrive when he would strike back. He joined a legendary society, the cabal of Scriers. There, he quickly rose up the ranks, and made an "unorthodox hostile takeover," expanding his power base.

After Harry disgraced the Osborn family name by being unmasked by Spider-Man as the Goblin, he ended up in a mental institution. Norman sent a Scrier to one of Parker's college biology professors, Dr. Miles Warren (aka, the Jackal). The Scrier promised to help Warren recreate his beloved student, Gwen Stacy, by funding his cloning research. With Miles Warren as a resource, Norman had the means to inflict the ultimate revenge on Spider-Man: the loss of his very identity via the Clone Saga. One of Warren's assistants, Seward Trainer, was caught stealing files by the Scrier. The Scrier promised to keep Trainer's secret in exchange for a future favor.

Norman saw that the Jackal's plans for revenge (killing every man, woman and child on earth with a virus and replacing them with genetically perfected clones) were interfering with his own plans. After the explosive conclusion during the battle between Spider-Man and his clone at Shea Stadium, the Jackal retrieved his clone and put who he thought was the real Peter Parker into a state resembling death. Actually, Norman's Scrier called in his favor from Trainer, having Trainer tinker with the Jackal's equipment such that the Jackal had the identities reversed. Norman allowed the real Peter Parker to walk away from the battle, and dump his clone (in the near-death state) into a smokestack in Brooklyn. The Jackal retrieved the clone's body, and replaced it with the corpse of a earlier failed Parker clone. The clone wandered the country calling himself Ben Reilly.

Later, hearing of the return of his old partner, Mendel Stromm, Norman sent his Scriers to investigate. Although this "Stromm" was just a robot, the Scriers checked the corpse of the real Stromm (who had died of a heart attack years prior) and discovered he was decayed, withered, yet still alive. Stromm had used the original Goblin formula upon himself before his "death," which somehow helped him survive his heart attack. Norman revived Stromm, and outfitted him in a life-support suit where he became known as Gaunt. Through Gaunt, Norman gained technology that allowed his Scrier to appear as a single mystical being, helping him control the Cabal of Scriers. Stromm was also used by Norman as a right hand man, a message carrier and recruiter of other super criminals (such as Jason Macendale and Arcade).

Norman became infuriated over news of Roderick Kingsley's acquisition of his equipment and journal notes, which Kingsley used to become the Hobgoblin. Before he was able to kill Hobgoblin for this indignity, a more important issue came to Norman's attention: Dr Judas Traveller. Norman remained in the shadows, sending a Scrier and a team (the Host) to befriend the criminal psychologist and deranged mutant, whom he also used as a pawn against Spider-Man.

Upon Harry's 'death' as the Goblin from the toxic effects of an updated Goblin formula (a 'death' later found to have been covered up by Norman and Mysterio after Harry 'returned' from the dead), Norman accelerated his revenge against Parker. When Ben Reilly, the long lost clone, returned to New York, the Jackal resurfaced as well. Reilly was drawn to New York because of the recent death of Peter's Aunt May. Interestingly, Norman later revealed that he had a hand in the death of the woman who was buried that day because it was not the real Aunt May, rather an actress Norman hired to fool Peter and cause him emotional pain. Having Ben in New York allowed Norman to push his next plot against Peter into motion, convincing Parker that he was actually a clone. Norman had Gaunt coerce Trainer to tamper with the Jackal's equipment again, so that Ben Reilly would think that he was the true Peter Parker.

After the Jackal's second apparent death, and the true Parkers (with Mary Jane pregnant) moving to Portland, Oregon, Ben Reilly became the new Spider-Man. Norman was not pleased with the happy ending. He had wanted his plot to destroy Peter's sense of humanity by making him think that he was a clone, not having him think of the clone as a brother. In Revelations, Norman returned as the Green Goblin on Halloween night, revealing himself as the mastermind behind the clone saga. Ben Reilly was killed by the Goblin, and disintegrated revealing that he was truly the clone. Mary Jane was poisoned into a premature labor by Osborn employees Alison Mongrain and Doctor Folsome on the same day. It appears Norman somewhere still has custody of the child. (Actually, he doesn't. The child never existed, as Mephisto later erased Peter and MJ's marriage.)

After Norman disappeared in a plume of smoke (Peter had thrown the Goblin's pumpkin bombs right back at him after he killed Ben) he resurfaced and took control of the Daily Bugle, which he used to exonerate his name for all crimes committed by the Green Goblin. (A book had been written by Daily Bugle journalist Ben Urich, accusing Norman of being the original Green Goblin.) He used Mad Jack to force J. Jonah Jameson (his former friend and social club member) into giving him ownership of the Bugle by threatening JJJ's family. He enjoyed taunting Peter while he was at work and used the public setting to have a fake Green Goblin (with help from Doctor Angst) kidnap his own grandson, Norman Osborn Jr. This was all part of Norman's plan to distance himself from the rumors that he was the Green Goblin.

After Spider-Man rescued Normie Osborn, Norman finally got his wish to meet face to face with Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin. Kingsley had been sent to prison for his crimes as Hobgoblin, but leaked to the press that he had a journal written by the Green Goblin, which gave the Goblin's identity. Norman had the fake Green Goblin free Roderick from jail to find out the location of the journal. Both men tried to out think and double cross the other, but after capturing Spider-Man, Hobgoblin learned that Osborn had managed to steal Kingsley's company right out from under his nose in a hostile take over. A battle followed, with neither Goblin having an advantage. Spidey came to but all three Goblins escaped.

Norman managed to escape an assassination attempt against him from Wilson Fisk, who was removing all obstacles to his return as the Kingpin. The explosion also nearly killed Peter, Norman Jr. and Betty Brant. Later, Norman revealed that he had Aunt May held captive, admitting that he had sent a genetically transformed actress to take her place (and die in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #400). Norman organized and participated in an ancient ritual called "the Gathering of the Five" where he hoped to obtain ultimate power - but instead received insanity.

In the story "The Final Chapter", starting in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #441, Norman was defeated as the Green Goblin by Spider-Man once again after taking part in an ancient ritual that promised the possibility of increased power. He took part in the Gathering of Five with Madame Web, Morris Maxwell, Override and Martha Franklin, all of whom gained different "gifts" from the ritual. (Madame Web received eternal life, Override received "death" and Mattie received the gift of power.) Believing to have received the power, Norman went after Spider-Man with a vengeance. Peter later admitted that Norman seemed stronger than usual, but it was probably just the adrenaline rush from actually gaining the "gift" of madness.

Norman was taken off to jail, but rescued by a small group of loyal Scriers within a few hours. The Scriers killed anyone that had seen beneath the Goblin mask, protecting their leader's secret His sanity maintained by medicated dermal patches, engineered by Dr. Albert Bendix. Norman also organized the Scriers into the Order of the Goblin and he appointed himself the Goblin Lord. In the process of reclaiming his sanity, Norman fell in love with his nurse, Kolina Frederickson. But that love affair was fleeting, and their relationship ended when he nearly killed her in a fit of rage. During this time period, Norman had not forgotten about Peter Parker either. In a plot with a bizarre twist, Norman attempted to brainwash Peter into becoming his rightful heir and forced him to inherit the Goblin legacy. After kidnapping Peter, he tortured him and forced him to 'face the darkness'. Peter overcame Norman's torture and mind games, leaving Osborn without an heir (that is, if you don't count Harry or his other offspring, to be discussed later).

In a move that showed things to come, Norman's next plot was meant to force Parker into killing him. He slowly chipped away at Peter's sense of safety, showing him pictures of his loved ones in their homes, meant to show him that they were being watched at all times. He forced his own former Daily Bugle assistant, Flash Thompson, to have a drunk driving accident. This accident didn't kill Flash, but it left him in a coma. When Peter finally confronted Osborn, Norman made it clear that one of them was not going to leave alive.

The Goblin's men were watching the fight, and they would kill Peter's family if he didn't kill Norman. If Norman ended up dead, Peter's family lived. Peter still refused to kill Norman, until he threatened his own grandson, Normie. Peter final swore Norman would die, until he remembered a dream that he had about Gwen. She wouldn't want him to kill Norman. He hadn't been a killer when Norman murdered her, and she wouldn't want him to finally become tainted by murder. If Norman's men were going to kill his family, there was nothing he could do about it. Peter walked away, defeating the Goblin by not playing his game.

After many years of evading justice, Norman was finally went to jail. People have been disappearing at Oscorp. New journalist at the Daily Bugle, Terri Kidder, thinks she finally has her first break when she sneaks her way into an interview with Norman Osborn where she asks him about the disappearances. Norman kills her with his bare hands, and dumps the body into a reservoir in Central Park. The Bugle sends a dragnet of reporters to find out what happened to one of their own. Thanks to Ben Urich, after receiving confirmation of Osborn's alter-ego from Spider-Man, the police gain enough evidence for an arrest.

At Oscorp, the Green Goblin explodes out of Norman's office, killing several police officers. Spidey and Jessica Jones (owner of Alias Investigations) pursued, but the Goblin escaped. When Osborn is next seen with his lawyer denying his involvement. His lawyer begs Norman to tell him the truth, but Norman is too far gone and rants to himself. They are about to leave the court house parking lot but Luke Cage (Jessica's boyfriend, enraged that his pregnant girlfriend was injured by the Green Goblin) stops his car from driving off. Norman donned his Goblin mask, and tried to escape the car, but was met with a crushing fist from Cage. Later, unseen in the comics, Norman escaped arrest again, holds a church full of people hostage, only to be captured by Spider-Man and sent to prison.

Once imprisoned, Norman immediately began setting his plan for freedom in motion. May Parker had been kidnapped from her home by an unknown assailant. It was revealed that May had been taken by the Scorpion, who had been hired by Norman to attack the old woman if Osborn should ever be sent to prison. Escaping from prison was a matter of life and death for Norman, whom was considered a dangerous loop hole by his fellow arms dealers. Backstory: After the Second World War, the arms manufacturers became fat and wealthy. OsCorp was one of those manufacturers and the formula that Dr Stromm developed had been meant to be sold to the military. The Age of the Superhero began shortly after the war, and the CEO's of these companies became nervous that these do-gooders would find out about how they had been become so rich through illegal means. They hired many of the new super-criminals to keep the heroes busy and off of the trail of the real danger that the companies presented.

As it turned out, Norman Osborn stole Stromm's formula to become the Green Goblin, which made his fellow weapons builders very nervous. They were afraid that this loose cannon would tell everyone what they had been up to, and became even more nervous once Osborn had been captured and put in jail. To shut him up, Dr Octopus had been brainwashed and given orders to kill Osborn. Norman escaped prison with the help of Spider-Man (who was so desperate to find out what happened to his aunt that he was willing to break his worst enemy out of prison) and the Black Cat. Norman doubled crossed them, leaving them to the tender mercies of the Sinister Twelve. He then kidnapped MJ, taking her to the Queensboro bridge. There, the Green Goblin, Spider-Man and Dr Octopus had a battle royale. Ock and the Goblin were struck by a bolt of lightening, causing them to fall into the river. An unconscious Ock was found by the police, but Norman had escaped.

Norman was once again in Europe and two of his children, Gabriel Stacy and Sarah Stacy, attempted to kill Peter Parker. They believed him to be their wicked father who killed their mother and abandoned them in France. They had been raised by their true father (Norman), who fed them lies as they rapidly aged, thanks to the Goblin Formula's alteration of their DNA. He had promised them that they would inherit his vast fortune and the truth to their past after he had died or been sent to prison. (See the above description of Norman trying to goad Parker into killing him.)

In a flashback it was revealed that Norman had an affair with Gwen Stacy, who was drawn to the troubled man out of sympathy and attraction to his internal power. Gwen gave birth in Paris, France after only 7 months of gestation. (Norman apparently set up his European base of operations in Paris, as that's where he raised Gabriel and Sarah. Paris was also the residence of Alison Mongrain after she kidnapped baby May Parker.) Both Gwen and Mary Jane kept this a secret from Peter. When Gwen sparred with Norman over who would raise the children, Norman chose to kill her on the Brooklyn Bridge on that infamous day, and raise the children as his heirs.

After being captured by S.H.E.I.L.D agents in France, Norman ended up back in prison, where he became an unwilling participant of the Superhuman Registration Act. Tony Stark, aka the Invincible Iron Man, implanted a pain inducing microchip into Osborn's brain, forcing him to become the leader of the new rotation of the Thunderbolts. The Thunderbolts were a group of hardened super criminals (Mac Gargan, Radioactive Man, Bullseye, Songbird and others) that were forced by the American government to hunt down and arrest the unregistered super heroes. Norman had his hands full keeping the Thunderbolts functional as a team, often berating them for fighting like "drunken frat boys" against enemies like Swarm, Moon Knight, Jack Flag and the Steel Spider. It was a job that none of them enjoyed, until they got their big assignment: find Spider-Man.

Norman, Venom and others were waiting for Peter in his new apartment. Norman's mind had been wiped of Spider-Man's true identity by Mephisto, but he knew Peter and Spidey knew each other. As an old friend of the family, Osborn only had the Thunderbolts tear the apartment apart when Peter refused to cooperate. Later, Norman went to visit his son, Harry. Harry had bought their old college hang out, the Coffee Bean and planned on making it into a franchise to impress his father. Norman wasn't impressed.

Norman continued his hunt for Spider-Man, and watched the battle between Spidey, Venom and Anti-Venom. He noticed a small camera nearby that seemed to be taking Spider-Man's pictures during the fight. That was also the time that a Goblin-like new criminal, Menace, appeared and told Norman to back off. Despite being out of costume, Norman quickly overpowered Menace by using a self destruct code on his glider. He recognized which of his gliders Menace had stolen, and thus knew where it had been stolen from. Menace was aghast that Norman had all this power but only used it to battle Spider-Man again and again. Menace wanted power, riches: things Norman already had. Menace decided Norman wasn't worth the effort and left him. The location that the equipment had been stolen from gave Norman a clue as to Menace's identity, but he kept it to himself.

Menace out of the way, Osborn re-focused on Spider-Man. The camera near the Venom/Anti-Venom/Spider-Man fight was programmed to follow Spider-Man's movements. He duplicated that programming to make sure the Thunderbolts guards guns would track and hit Spider-Man. He sent the guards and Bullseye after Spidey, who escaped with the help of Anti-Venom.

Spider-Man and Anti-Venom brought the fight to Osborn at OsCorp, who was beginning to explain to Harry that all of this was for him. Norman was about to enter the fight when he was tackled by Spider-Man, cutting short his explanation to Harry. Spidey quickly pummeled the Green Goblin to pulp, actually making him scream that his skull was collapsing as Spider-Man used it to smash through a few walls. He only stopped when he saw dozens of people hooked up to machines in a hidden room. (Chinese test subjects supplied by Martin Li.) Spidey demanded to know what was going on, but the Goblin told him he was asking the wrong Osborn. Before he said more, he set a bomb that would explode in six minutes, forcing Spider-Man to rescue the guinea pigs. Norman escaped and returned with the Thunderbolts.

What may be Norman's greatest moment came at the end of the Secret Invasion, as the world's heroes stood against the alien onslaught. As the battle raged, Norman managed to make the kill shot against the shape shifting Skrull queen, who (posing as the Jessica Drew Spider-Woman) was almost revered as a god by the alien creatures. This was broadcast live on television for the whole world to see, making Osborn a world hero. This instant celebrity, along with intercepted data from the Skrull invasion fleet (sent by the mercenary, Deadpool and meant for Nick Fury) gave Osborn unlimited political power. The Dark Reign of Norman Osborn was about to begin, as he became the head of the anti-terrorism unit, H.A.M.M.E.R., formerly S.H.E.I.L.D.

After replacing Tony Stark as the head of S.H.E.I.L.D., Osborn secretly started a cabal of like minded individuals, such as Loki, Namor, Emma Frost, the Hood, and Doctor Doom. As those individuals pursued their agendas for the world, Osborn and other former Thunderbolts took up the mantle of the Avengers. Norman took Iron Man's place as Iron Patriot, Venom took Spider-Man's place, Daken replaced Wolverine, Moonstone played Ms. Marvel and Bullseye replaced Hawkeye. He made many enemies as the director of H.A.M.M.E.R., including Tony Stark, Deadpool, the Punisher, Nick Fury, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

Norman then began his plans for his son. He offered to make Harry a part of the Avengers, which Harry rejected. That is, until his girlfriend, Lily Hollister, revealed that she was pregnant. Harry swore to protect her and their son and joined his father. Meanwhile, Spider-Man infiltrated Avengers Tower disguised as Venom to learn what Norman wanted with Harry. Norman unveiled his new project: American Son, a suit of armor designed to make Harry into a symbol of America. Like Captain America, but under Osborn's control. While snooping around, Spidey was taken by surprise by Daken and Harry. Spidey tried to frame Daken as a spy when Osborn arrived, but Harry told Norman it was a lie. Norman than shot Spider-Man, whom he knew was an impostor all the while.

As Spider-Man was being tortured by Bullseye, Norman let Harry in on his plans. There had been trouble in the testing stage of the enhanced "super soldier serum" that created Captain America. It didn't mix well with the Goblin Formula already in Harry's system. This led to an implied appearance by Gabriel Stacy, who was suspended in a test pod. Norman met with the captured Spider-Man, revealing that he had sent Lily to Harry in order to force him to join the Avengers. Norman demanded that Harry become a worthy heir and as American Son, he finally would be. If Harry decided to fight back, Norman would devise a way to kill him in the line of duty. Besides, Lily was carrying Norman's child, not Harry's. The rage gave Peter the burst of angry energy to break free from the bonds that held him and pummel Norman. Spidey was soon Harry, as American Son.

Harry demanded to know why Norman had gotten Lily pregnant and was told it was because the Goblin Formula wouldn't let Norman have viable offspring (see: the Stacy twins). However, he hoped that the aging aspect could be stabilized if the mother were also exposed to the Goblin Formula, thus he had a child with Lily, who was also Menace. After Harry finally walked away from Norman forever, Norman was talking to Lily and their child. They were going to be fearless and strong. The child was Norman's only offspring now, and they would get revenge on the spider that made Harry dead to Norman.

Norman's run of luck ended after he, H.A.M.M.E.R. and the Dark Avengers attacked Thor's homeland of Asgard. He managed to destroy the home of the gods but was captured at last. He ended up in an above maximum security facility under the Atlantic Ocean that even the vice president is unaware of. Its unclear what happened to the Cabal of the Scriers, but Osborn now has various former inmates working for him and keeping an eye on Harry and his grandson, Stanley Osborn. By this time, it was found that Lily's child wasn't Norman's: it was Harry's.

As the cult watches Harry and Stan, Norman and several other inmates manage to escape their cells with the aid of a cult member posing as a priest. Norman escaped the under water facility with the help of a human/spider creature, who spun a web sack to hold in the air around the submarine used to get to the surface. This came in handy when the government heard about the break out and ensuing riot at the prison and ordered it destroyed by a nuclear submarine. The escape sub was damaged in the explosion but was saved by the web sack. Norman is left at the end of the story at the Raft, a much less secure prison in New York, with a fellow escapee posing as his doctor.

Naturally, Osborn escaped with the help of the Goblin Cult. He re-built H.A.M.M.E.R. and staffed it with former agents of A.I.M., the Hand, Hydra and disgruntled S.H.E.I.L.D. members. He created a new team of copycat Avengers, made up of Trickshot, Gorgon, Skaar, Madame Hydra and others. Norman's former second in command of the Dark Avengers is now the liaison to the New Avengers, a team that Spider-Man is a member of. He doesn't trust her and neither do most of the others, but she was appointed by Captain America.

Osborn later blackmailed his way out of jail and formed the Dark Avengers, super villains that mimicked the Avengers. The Dark Avengers were beaten by the real deal and Osborn was eventually beaten, despite having given himself the powers of the Super Adaptoid. (He could absorb anyone's powers after touching touching them, but he was overloaded when all of the Avengers touched him at the same time.) The experience left him in a coma. (New Avengers: vol 2, #20-24)

Later, Norman awoke from his coma at Columbia University Medical Center. (Amazing Spider-Man #697) He was soon back as the Green Goblin, picking up various criminal thugs whose bosses had been defeated by Spider-Man (Octavius). His first two recruits were children that had worked for the Vulture. (Superior Spider-Man #5)

Norman was soon in his Goblin Lair with the two kids, gleefully exposing a design flaw of one of Spider-Man's spy robots. He sent the kids out to test the flaw of the cameras and they destroyed Mary Jane's dance club. Spider-Man didn't get the notice that the bar was on fire but did capture Tombstone, Owl, and Hammerhead. The mob goons escaped from Spider-Man and were persuaded to join the Goblin Empire by the Green Goblin's thugs. (Superior Spider-Man #10)

After Spider-Man destroyed Shadowland and the Kingpin's empire, Wilson Fisk's gang members were incorporated into the Goblin Underground. Fisk's infrastructure was also taken by the Goblin and Norman now owned 52% of the New York underworld. It was all thanks to Spider-Man, who had removed the criminal heads of the city. (Superior Spider-Man #14)

In the Goblin Underground, the Green Goblin was indignant that the Hobgoblin (Phil Urich) had managed to stumble onto the benefits of the flaw of Spider-Man's camera. (Norman had hacked the spider robots to ignore all crime committed by the Goblin's gang, who were wearing Goblin masks. Anyone wearing a Goblin mask was ignored, including Hobgoblin.) Norman had his gang lay low and turned off the hack to the robots, letting all crime be reported to Spider-Man. Hobgoblin was immediately hunted by Spider-Man. (Superior Spider-Man #15)

After Urich was captured, Norman sent Menace to rescue him from police custody. At the Goblin Underground, Menace brought Urich to Osborn, who gave him a new costume and dubbed him the Goblin Knight. (Superior Spider-Man #16)

Urich quickly got on Osborn's nerves, ranting that he wanted to get back to the fight against Spider-Man, when Urich nearly blew Osborn's cover with the hack on the spider robots. Then again, Urich gave Osborn an idea. (Superior Spider-Man #17)

Appears In...

Year 1994 FB: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #14 (Story 1)
  Flashback to Norman's childhood, Norman kills family dog
Jun 2009 FB: Amazing Spider-Man: Extra #3 (Story 2)
  Flashback to Norman raising Harry as a single father
Aug 1997 FB, Cameo: Spider-Man Unlimited #17
  Flashback to Stromm's arrest
Jul 1997 FB: Flashback - Peter Parker: Spider-Man #Minus 1
  Flashback to Proto-Goblin
Year 1995 App: Tales Of The Marvels: Inner Demons
  Norman and the Enforcers confront an amnesiac Namor

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