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Disturbingly blue, for a Korean


Walked around in an ugly green ninja suit. Bald.






All those of a Ninja, plus self-immolation


Smoke grenades


No match for Spider-Man

Strength Level

Peak human


The 500-year old Ceremonial Sword of his family


Korean (North or South)?

Created By
Current Groups

None (he's dead)

Current Occupation


Dual Identity

Known only to his allies, his ex-fiancee, Spider-Man and Angela Yin.



Former Bases

Korea, New York

Former Groups

The True Believers

Former Occupation

Ninja killer, top-rank (Dragonfly)

Known Allies

The True Believers' Ninja, Madam Qwa

Known Confidants

Meiko Yin, Madam Qwa

Known Relatives

Meiko Yin (sort of), ex-fiancee

Legal Status

None. Dead.

Major Enemies

Spider-Man, Dragonfly II

Marital Status

Was engaged to Meiko Yin

Place of Birth

Korea (North or South)?

Real Name



Karsano was a man of honor, and a man of passion. He was engaged to Meiko Yin, cousin to the Bugle's Angela Yin. They studied martial arts together, and they both became top-notch. They joined a branch of The Hand called the True Believers and Madam Qwa, their leader, gave him the rank of Dragonfly, which means perfection. To test his loyalty, Qwa ordered him to kill Meiko. According to their code of honor, he had only three tries.

We didn't see the first. The second is foiled by Spider-Man's interference. The third too, and Spidey breaks his 500-year old Ceremonial family sword. After his dishonorable defeat, he kills himself by self-immolation. Then Meiko goes to see Madam Qwa, and is assigned the position of Dragonfly. Since Karsano always carried around a pack of ninja to try and kill Meiko, I'm guessing that either their code of honor was very flawed, or that she was already a challenger to his position, and as such had to deal with him and his men. Of course, Meiko was dishonored by Spider-Man's interference too, so she'll have to redeem herself eventually.

Appears In...

Mar 1997 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #421 (Story 1)
  Origin told. Dies.

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