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Wrapped in a sophisticated polished tin can, with matching green cape.




6' 2"


225 lbs


Consciousness projection; Extraordinary genius in most areas; Described as the second most proficient sorcerer in the Marvel Universe (see Triumph and Torment).




Despotic, and occasionally prone to self-over-estimation


None (Armour provides flight, aquatic, concussion beams, etc)

Strength Level

Normal (Super-human with armor)


Inbuilt weapons, and a 9mm Mauser


Ruler of Latveria

Created By
Current Occupation

Dictator of Latveria

Dual Identity

Generally known


University scholarship commenced, but not completed

Former Bases


Former Groups

Acts of Vengeance

Known Allies

His Doom-droids

Known Confidants

Silver Sable

Known Relatives

Werner (Father, deceased) Cynthia (Mother, deceased)

Legal Status

Diplomatic Immunity in the U.S.

Major Enemies

Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.

Marital Status


Place of Birth


Real Name

Victor von Doom

Usual Bases



Dr Victor von Doom was a lowly gypsy boy from the tiny European country of Latveria. His mother, Cynthia von Doom, gave her soul to the demon Mephisto in return for the power to rid Latveria of its brutal leader. After she died, Cynthia's soul was claimed by Mephisto and taken to Hell. Victor was desperate to save his mother and attempted to travel to Hell via a machine that he invented. It backfired and slightly scarred his face. He blamed his rival, Reed Richards.

The scar humiliated the vain Victor, who traveled to Tibet to find monks that could make armor to cover (what was in his mind) a horrible mutilation. Doom is a megalomaniac on a grand scale. Dictator of Latveria, traditional foe of the Fantastic Four (Mr Fantastic, the Thing, Invisible Woman and the Human Torch), he would seem to be a bit more than Spider-Man would want to tackle. After all, he is willing to go head to head with Mephisto every Midsummer's Eve to free his mother.

Nonetheless, the renowned Doctor of Destruction has gone a few rounds with Spider-Man, and the webcrawler has done well to walk away unscathed. Doctor Doom is a formidable opponent - being well resourced, highly skilled, and favoring well planed actions which put the odds on squarely on his side.

Whenever Spidey has had to face Doom, he survived by avoiding him as much as possible. He met the good Doctor very early in his crime fighting career, after Doom decided to use Spidey as an ally against the Fantastic Four. He promised Spider-Man that after they defeated the accursed Four, they would rule the world. Of course, he had no intention of keeping his end of the bargain, and Spidey realized it. His refusal to help made them enemies. Peter escaped out a window and disappeared into a river.

Meanwhile, Flash Thompson planned to play a trick on Peter Parker, by wearing a Spider-Man costume. Naturally, Doom saw Flash, thought he was Spider- Man and kidnapped him. He broadcast a threat on TV, claiming that unless the Fantastic Four came to him, he would kill Spider-Man (he still didn't know "Spidey" was Flash). Telling Aunt May that we going out to get some light bulbs, Peter changed to Spidey and got into Doom's hideout via an air duct. (For a guy that plans everything so carefully, Vic sure was careless.) They battled to a stand still, until the Fantastic Four arrived and Doom fled.

Spider-Man tangled with Dr Doom while he was a student at Empire State University, but he never knew it. Not only is Doom a near matchless scientist, he is also a top notch magician. Victor had created a machine that could transport a human being to the dark dimension of The Dread Dormammu, a supernatural being of incredible power. Dilby, a short man that looks like a tentacle-less Doctor Octopus, is the guinea pig and is quickly granted power by Dormammu. Dilby has a very special mission on earth that Doom and Dormammu have in mind.

Dilby created a machine from his new found magic and sent it to battle earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Strange was quickly taken out, but not before he sent a psychic plea to anyone that could help. Daredevil and the Fantastic Four couldn't get the message, but it was "received" by a grad student named Peter Parker. He had to cancel his date with Deborah Whitman in order to save Dr Strange at his Sanctum Sanctorum. Upon arriving, he found Strange's assistant, Wong, beat up on the floor. He mentioned that Strange had said "C.B.G.B." right before he was kidnapped by Dilby's machine.

C.B.G.B. was the name of the rock bar that he had planned to go to Deb with, and there he found a band chanting the words "Bend Sinister," and leading people away as if in a trance. (The band's name was "Shrapnel" and they were a real group.) Spidey gets a creepy feeling from all of it, and follows the ever growing horde of zombies as they walk through Manhattan. They led to the Latverian Embassy, where Dilby is summoning the Bend Sinister and preparing to sacrifice Dr Strange.

Spidey shows up and Dilby sends the robot after him, which Spider-Man commandeers and crashes into the crystal that is summoning the Bend Sinister. Strange sends Dilby to another universe and thanks Spider-Man for his help. Unfortunately, he cant tell him what the Bend Sinister was. Its just too terrible to talk about. Meanwhile, Doom gets a gift from Dormammu: a small crystal containing Dilby. This is his punishment for trying to double cross his masters and keep the power for himself. Doom keeps him as a souvenir.

Years later, Spidey avoided being hunted by Victor by promising to find the Black Fox, who had stolen the Dragon's Egg, an emerald that belonged to Doom's mother. The Fox escaped from Doom, whom took his frustration out on "the prancing mite." The police arrived just as Spidey was getting beaten to a pulp. He played on Doom's vanity, and told him that the jewel theft would get to the press, smearing his beloved mother's name. He agreed to let Spider-Man go, if he would get the Dragon's Egg back in 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the Fox had already sold the emerald. Spider-Man and the Black Fox tracked the emerald to the headquarters of Andrew Carpathian, who planned to use the gem to power a machine that would wipe out everyone on the planet except for his cult members. Despite the throbbing pain of the concussion he gained from fighting Doom, Spidey held his own against the cultists. His head was spinning from the pain, but rescue came from a very un-expected person: Dr Doom. He easily scattered the Carpathian's goons and claimed his emerald. Seeing it beneath him to kill an old man, Doom instead crushed the Trask diamond, which the Fox had planned to fund his retirement.

Doom briefly worked with an assortment of other menaces, such as the Wizard, Magneto Titania, and the Kingpin. They all planned to do away with their enemies by working together. Many of them were foiled by the cosmically enhanced Spider-Man.

Several years after that, Mary Jane got a modeling contract in Latveria but the plane she was on blew up before it arrived in the European country. Peter refused to believe she was dead, and jumped on the next plane to Latveria after getting a call saying that she was alive. Arriving at Doom's castle, he was surprised by a rebellion that planned to attack the castle. Doom's robotic guards battled the rebels and Spider-Man went into action to protect them. After all the fighting was done, Peter learned that Mary Jane was not in Latveria.

Eventually, Mary Jane was found to be alive, held by a kidnapper. She needed time away from the stress of Spider-Man and she moved to California. However, she went to New York to see Peter after watching the news and seeing his ordeal with Shathra. Through a twist of fate, they met in the Denver airport, their flights grounded by a storm. The reunion was cut short by the arrival of Doctor Doom, who was attending a conference on global warming. He was attacked by a suicide bomber, who demanded that Doom "FREE LATVERIA!"

The attack left Doom unconscious, and Spider-Man defended the dictator with the help of Captain America, who was posing as one of Doom's guards. Armored assassins came in wave of attacks on the fallen dictator, which Spidey and Cap managed to hold off. After Doom came to, he offered Spider-Man a debt of gratitude. Doom used it immediately by not killing the web slinger after he told Doom to take his gratitude and stick it.

Spidey faced a Latverian despot again after it was found that Lucia von Bardas was selling advanced weapons technology to New York's super criminals with the help of the Tinkerer. (Doom had been deposed while all of this was going on.) von Bardas had been trying to increase disorder in America with the help of the underbelly of society. SHIELD responded by sending various super vigilantes to Latveria in the Secret War. They were greeted by Doctor Octopus (Carolyn Trainer), Scorpion, Shocker, Hobgoblin V and many others.

Victor later tried to sell one of Spidey's used spider-tracers to the highest bidder. Peter was alerted to the danger by the Black Cat but he was unconcerned. After all, he had dozens of spider-tracers available. The two of them broke into the Latverian embassy to steal it back, and were confronted by one of the Dr's Doom-bots. Afterward, Peter was convinced that the situation was serious after Felicia showed him that a finger print was on the tracer, which could have revealed Peter's ID.

Doom's influence increased after the Skrull Secret Invasion. He became part of a secret cabal led by Norman Osborn and made up of Namor, Emma Frost, the Hood and Loki.

Doom also ran afoul of Spider-Man, Dr Strange and Silver Sable when he tried to marry Princess Lenka of Symkaria. Lenka was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and thus had great magical potential, possibly as a future Sorcerer Supreme. Lenka's father didn't believe in such magical nonsense and engaged his daughter to Doom for political reasons. Dr Strange hired Sable to bring Lenka to New York to keep her safe from Doom. Spidey brought Lenka's boyfriend to her to be married (he was in New York to be kept safe from Doom) and the wedding was underway at the Symkarian Embassy when Doom attacked. Sable, Spidey and Strange kept Doom at bay while Lenka and her new husband consummated the marriage. She was now useless to Doom and he left, promising them all that they'd made a powerful enemy.

Victor was forced to help against the Red Skull after the Nazi had taken control of the brain of telepath Charles Xavier and become Red Onslaught. Red Onslaught destroyed the mutant homeland of Genosha and soon defeated the X-Men and Avengers with the help of two adamantium Sentinels created by Iron Man. Magneto soon arrived with the unexpected help of various super villains: Loki, Absorbing Man, Carnage, Sabretooth, Deadpool, Mystique, Enchantress, Hobgoblin and, Jack O'Lantern VI, and Doom himself.

Doom stayed away from the majority of the fighting, letting the other villains dirty themselves with the battle against the Sentinels. He tried to turn the tide with the help of the Scarlet Witch, who had been imprisoned inside one of the Sentinels. They cast and Inversion spell that they hoped would make Xavier's mind dominant over the Red Onslaught's, ending the attack. The spell did seem to knock out Red Onslaught, who returned to his Red Skull form. It also made the other villains mysteriously return to their places of origin, with their minds geared toward good as opposed to evil. (Axis #3)

Finally, Doom's bloodline continues to be a danger in the future. His descendant from the 30th century, Kang the Conqueror, continues to vex the Fantastic Four.

Appears In...

Oct 1970 FB: Astonishing Tales #2 (Story 1)
Year 1964 FB: Fantastic Four Annual #2
Year 1964 FB: Fantastic Four Annual #2
Sep 1996 App: Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #416 (Story 1)
Jul 1962 FB: Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #5

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