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Wears headband and white leotard




7' (estimated)


155 lbs. (estimated)


She is an accomplished fighter, using her legs as powerful weapons. She also appears to posses the ability to fly, or rather at least levitate within the confines of the winds she has conjoured up. Her powers may increase further as she matures




Bora is able to summon freezing winds. She does this by opening a portal from the arctic to wherever she wishes them to go. These are powerful enough to incapacitate an ordinary human, or even blow them off the ground. This power was enhanced by the Painter, enabling her to blanket the entire city of Manhattan in a blizzard, as well as to form several inches of ice over Spider-Man. The power behind this blizzard was sufficient that not even the thunder god, Thor could bring it to a halt

Strength Level

It is unclear whether she actually possesses superhuman strength, but it is more likely that she has the strength of a powerful athlete of her size


Freezing winds, snow


Unknown, raised in Russia, relocated to America

Created By

Tony Isabella, Kevin Nowland

Current Occupation

Currently imprisoned in canvas painting in Manhattan

Dual Identity



Unknown, presumed high school graduate, additional dance instruction likely

Former Bases

Art studio in Manhattan, formerly the U.S.S.R.

Former Groups

Avant Guard (Painter, Spark)

Former Occupation

Ballerina, former assassin

Known Allies

Painter, Spark

Known Confidants


Legal Status


Major Enemies

Fantastic Four, Moon Knight, Spider-Man, The X-Men

Marital Status

Single, possible former lover of Spark

Place of Birth


Real Name

Unknown, presumably Bora is not her real name but is derived from Boreas, the greek god of the North Winds, or some similar character

Usual Bases

A canvas painting for now


Bora grew up in Russia, where she trained to become a ballerina. However, her sudden growth spurt during adolescence put a rapid halt to that career. Resentful that others who maintained their abilities would take them away from her native russia, she sought to assassinate russian dancers who had left their native country and relocated to the USA. She managed to slay several of them before she was defeated by Moon Knight with a major assist from the Fantastic Four and several members of the X-Men. Even with their aid, they were forced to use blinding lights and deafening noise to weaken her mental control of her abilities.

It's not clear whether she met the Painter or Spark first, but she became close enough to him to refer to him as beloved. The Painter performed a mystic ritual which joined their three spirits, as the Avant Guard, to grant the other two additional power, in turn for inspiration for himself, from them. Bora first assisted Spark in his performance art, but then focused her powers at creating a blizzard over the entire city of Manhattan. Alongside Spark, she confronted Spider-Man, and defeated him by coating him with inches of ice.

Spider-Man recovered and, accompanied by the Human Torch, confronted the Guard in their headquarters. The two overcame Bora and Spark, but the Painter revived them with a wave of his brush. However, when the fighting renewed, the Painter lost interest in the venture and trapped Bora and Spark as fixed images on his canvas, before apparently exploding himself, as outlined in the Art Attack storyline.

Appears In...

Sep 1983 App: Moon Knight (Vol. 1) #35
Mar 1991 App: Web of Spider-Man #74
Apr 1991 App: Web of Spider-Man #75
  Origins given.
May 1991 App: Web of Spider-Man #76

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