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Severely fashion impaired, as evidenced by his polka-dot bow tie and elevator shoes.




5' 6"


140 lbs


Arcade has a natural mechanical ability that allows him to built realistic robots and a knack with computers.


All sorts of high-tech environments and automated killing machines


Over-indulges himself with the "art" of the kill, which doesn't work with super- heroes.


Arcade possesses no super-human capabilities, although he has a genius level IQ.

Strength Level

Normal human.


Said robots are weapons!


U.S. citizen

Created By
Current Occupation


Dual Identity



Unknown, presumably a high school graduate.

Former Occupation


Known Allies

Freedom Force. Gaunt.

Known Confidants

Mr. Chambers, Miss Locke

Known Relatives

None living

Legal Status

No criminal record in the U.S., but known to the authorities. He may have a U.K. record, although only if he got as far as a trial.

Major Enemies

Spider-Man, X-Men, Excalibur, the Micronauts

Marital Status


Place of Birth

Possibly Beverly Hills, California. Possibly Texas.

Real Name

Unknown, though he is called "Mr. Arcade"

Usual Bases

Various Murderworlds around the globe


The son of a Texas oil millionaire (some accounts say a Beverly Hills businessman), Arcade killed his father and used Daddy's fortune to construct the first Murderworld. Now a thriving world-wide chain, Murderworld was designed to whimsically kill businessmen, political leaders, and anyone else Arcade was paid to murder. It can also be hired out as a training ground for mercenaries. Arcade charges one million dollars per assignment, which he uses to defray the exorbitant costs of his deadly theme parks.

Arcade ran into his first super-heroes when he kidnapped Spider-Man and Captain Britain, who in turn became the first people to survive Murderworld. Arcade took this personally, and began to track down super-heroes for no other reason than to off them. From the X-Men to the fourth Green Goblin (Phil Urich, who enraged Norman Osborn by using his Goblin equipment), however, Arcade has racked up zero points when it comes to the super-hero fatality score card.

Appears In...

Jan 1978 1st: Marvel Team-Up #65
  (First Published Appearance) Kidnaps Spider-Man and Captain Britain; faces his first defeat
Aug 1979 FB: Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 1) #124
Feb 1978 App: Marvel Team-Up #66
  Origin given
Jun 1979 App: Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 1) #122
  Kidnaps X-Men and Spidey; brainwashes Colossus; again defeated
Jul 1979 App: Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 1) #123

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