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Two phone cards from Telecom Italia. These form a pair, which combine side-by-side for a single picture. The pair is presumably part of a range of cards by Marvel Italia, entitled Heroes & Villains.

You must break the corner off the phone card to use them. Both cards are valued at 5,000 Lire. They both expire 30 June, 2001.

Nome: Norman Osborn.
Alias: Goblin.
Nemico: Uomo Ragno.
Poteri: industriale reso folle e fortissimo da una formula di sua invenzione.
Testata: L'Uomo Ragno.
Nome: Peter Parker.
Alias: Uomo Ragno.
Nemico: Goblin.
Poteri: morso da un ragno radioattivo, ne acquisi i poteri.
Testata: L'Uomo Ragno.

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