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Just in case you didn't know, Overpower is a Super-Hero card game, not too dissimilar to Magic (and many other spin-offs). The official Marvel Overpower web site is at

Here are the two Spider-Man Character cards. The original Character from the first Overpower range is 6-7-6, which makes him one of the toughest all-rounders from that first release.

The 7 Fighting stat puts him up there with Deadpool, and just behind the psycho 'live-to-fight' types like Sabretooth. The 6 on Energy probably represents the useful ranged attack value of his webbing.

The IQ card (from the Overpower IQ set) rates him at 3-7-6-5, which is still a very respectable set of statistics. The IQ Spider-Man is rated as "Very Rare".

Here are Spidey's One-Per-Deck specials.

  • Web: (AV) Target opponent may not attack for remainder of battle. (From Overpower)

  • Taunt: (BL) Play when opponent concedes battle. Opponent may not concede battle. (From PowerSurge)

These are both very handy specials, I think I'd put both into a Spider-Man deck.

Here are Spidey's Defensive specials.

  1. Wall Crawl: (AG) Avoid 1 attack. (From Overpower)

  2. Web-Shield: (AD) Avoid 1 attack made with a Universe card. (From Overpower)

The Wall Crawl is a great special, you'd definitely want a couple of these in your deck. The Web-Shield is a bit dubious, but one might be a good addition to a deck, as a placed special.

Spidey has two attacking Specials. The Over The Edge special is a promo by Hillshire Farm.

  1. Arachnid Agility: (AA) Acts as a level 4 fighting attach, may make 1 additional attack. (From Overpower)

  2. Over The Edge: (AE) Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack. May combine with 1 Strength card for a single attack. (From Hillshire Farm)

Definitely need one each of these at least.

Spidey has three more general Specials.

  1. Spider Sense: (AJ) Opponent must immediately reveal any Special cards currently held in his hand. (From Overpower)

  2. Science Whiz: (DM) Spider-Man's Intellect Power cards are +2 for remainder of battle. (From Overpower IQ)

  3. Clonal Confusion: (HU) Spider-Man may Place and play Scarlet Spider "Sticky Fingers" and "Scarlet Savior" Special cards for remainder of game. (From Overpower IQ)

All of these are pretty marginal to me. The Spider-Sense could give you a real insight, but is it really more valuable than the chance for a real attack? Science Whiz is about as valuable as a +2 Universe card.

Clonal Confusion could be an interesting option, if you stacked up the deck with the appropriate specials. A deck with Spider-Man AND Scarlet Spider (and maybe Doppelganger too?) could be a very interesting option.

Spidey is seen in two locations.

  1. The Big Apple: With Heroes For Hire, Thunderbolts, Falcon, Daredevil or Morbius. Begin game with 6 mission cards in reserve and 1 in defeated pile.

  2. The Daily Bugle: With Black Cat, Scarlet Spider, Venom, Green Goblin or Scorpion. May not play any Multi-Power cards.

Well, it's nice to have a choice!

Finally, I should mention this promo card which featured Spidey, but which is playable by any hero. I believe it was originally a giveaway in Wizard Magazine, but I seem to recall it was re-released via a different channel.

This is an excellent card:
  1. Web Headed Wizard: (BQ) Immediately exchange this card for any 1 card in Dead Pile.

Unsurprisingly this is a "one-per-deck".

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