Cards : 2004 Kelloggs Prismatic

These four cards were including in specially marked packs of Kelloggs cereal and milk snack bars. There were three or four different types of snack bars - including Frosties, Cocoa Pops, Ricies, and maybe even one other. I think I kept the boxes, but I'm not quite sure where I put them. If they turn up, I'll scan them in. I saw these cards available in the United Kingdom, and I've also been told they appeared in France.

I managed to acquire three of the four different cards. I would be very happy to get a hold of the card I'm missing. I have doubles of the other cards to trade, so if you can do a swap, please Mail Me and let's trade.

The cards themselves are smaller than regular trading cards. They have rounded corners, and are actually quite attractive. The front depicts a prismatic 3D scene from the 2004 movie. The 3D effect is excellent, and has great coloring and lighting. The scan doesn't do these lovely cards any justice.


  • Year of Issue: 2004
  • Distributed By: Kelloggs
  • Title of Series: (Untitled)
  • Number of Regular Cards: 4
  • Chase Sets: None
  • Extra Stuff: None
  • Packet Cover: None

Basic Cards

As mentioned, the cards are smaller than usual, but have a very effective prismatic 3D movie still. The card stock is very thick, and has a solid laminate.

Here are the four cards. I'm currently missing the Doc Ock card from the bottom left of this picture. Please Mail Me if you can help me get my hands on a copy...

  1. Ock in Profile
  2. Spider-Man Captured
  3. Ock in Front of Skyscraper
  4. Spider-Man Web-Swinging

These are very attractive cards. I'm not sure if they were available in the U.S. I certainly didn't see them in New Zealand. Still, they're great collectables.

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