Cards : 2004 Kelloggs Cut-Out

These 30 Spidey cards were printed on the back of Kelloggs cereal boxes in Australasia and possibly elsewhere in the world, including Asia. There are three separate "sheets" of cards. Sheet A is on large boxes, and features 12 cards (#1-#12). Sheets B and C are on smaller boxes, and feature 9 cards (#13-#21 and #22-#30). I appear to have screwed up, and have a duplicate of Sheet C and no Sheet B. That's life.

I saw these cards on the back of boxes of Sultana Bran, Frosties, Cocoa Chex, and at least one other - Honey Chex if I recall correctly. All of the cereals are revolting, and the cards are very cheap. They're just printed on the back of the box, so the backs of the card are just plain grey recycled cardboard. Also, you need to cut them out yourselves, and the corners of the box are sometimes a bit cut off. This really is a low-budget Spidey card set!

The cereal also included temporary tattoos, one per box. There was a set of six, or eight different tattoos. I didn't keep them. The cards are marked with random "Agility, Power, and Stamina" stats. Apparently, you can play a game, where you both agree on a stat type, then reveal your cards, and the one with the highest value of that stat keeps both cards. The game sounds about as interesting as three bowls of Sultana Bran.


  • Year of Issue: 2004
  • Distributed By: Kelloggs
  • Title of Series: Spider-Man 2 Trading Card Game
  • Number of Regular Cards: 30
  • Chase Sets: None
  • Extra Stuff: None
  • Packet Cover: None

Basic Cards

All the cards are basically the same. Spidey on the art, and a few stats for the "game". On the back is just blank grey pulpy cardboard.

Here are cards I have so far out of the 30. If you have a copy of the missing middle sheet (cards #13-#21) then do Mail Me if're willing to part with it!

Cards #1-#6 Cards #7-#12 Cards #13-#21 Cards #22-#30

Physically, these are terrible cards. The card will crumble and fray in no time. As a collector, I adore them.


Here's the three box fronts I've picked up, plus the back of box layout/artwork from a large box and a small box.

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