Cards : 2002 K-Mart

This four-card promo set was given free with every copy of the 2002 Spider-Man movie sold at K-Mart for a certain period. The artwork is copied verbatim from the promotional movie stills that were circulating at the time, that also appear in the 2002 Topps Movie Set.

The cards are not numbered. The back of each card contains no information, just a quote from the film, e.g. "We'll meet again Spider-Man -- Green Goblin." Hardly earth-shattering stuff.


  • Year of Issue: 2002
  • Distributed By: K-Mart
  • Title of Series: Spider-Man K-Mart
  • Number of Regular Cards: 4
  • Chase Sets: None
  • Extra Stuff: None
  • Packet Cover: Not applicable.

Basic Cards

Just as you see them. Art on the front, some text on the back too.

Here are all four cards.

  1. Spider-Man (Peter Quote)
  2. Spider-Man (Ben Quote)
  3. Spider-Man (Peter Quote)
  4. Green Goblin (Green Goblin Quote)

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