Cards : 2002 Fla-Vor-Ice

This is a set of five 2002 movie tie cards and distributed in packs of Fla-Vor-Ice which sure as heck must be some kind of frozen popsicle foodstuff. Not all packs contained a card - there's a "this is not a card" card, which is just plain cruel, I mean if you're going to all the trouble of inserting a not-card-card, why not just insert a real card?!

The cards feature the same stock art which was used for a lot of the kids books that came out as part of the movie tie-in blitz.

The info on the back of the cards is pretty dubious. Check this out from the back of card #3 - "Although Spider-Man has appeared in newspapers, comic books and several television series, the May 2002 theatrical release will be the first time he has appeared on the big screen." Well, it's not true, but I guess it's better marketing than saying "Sure, the 1970's movies totally sucked, but hopefully the new one won't."

The cards came wrapped in little cellophane bags, presumably for protection against melting Fla-Vor-Ice juice. Each box also seems to have contained a black and white printed card which either was a prize-winning coupon, or else said "Better Luck Next Time," like my one does.


  • Year of Issue: 2002
  • Distributed By: JetSert Company, in Fla-Vor-Ice boxes.
  • Title of Series: Spider-Man Fla-Vor-Ice
  • Number of Regular Cards: 5
  • Chase Sets: None
  • Extra Stuff: Prize Coupon
  • Packet Cover: Not applicable.

Basic Cards

Just as you see them. Art on the front and back, some text on the back too.

Here are all five cards.

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Spider-Man
  4. Green Goblin
  5. Green Goblin

Extra Stuff

Here's my "sorry, you didn't win anything" card that presumably comes one per pack. It's the same width as regular cards, but a little taller.

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