Cards : 2001 Columbia Promo

This is a set of five cards released by Columbia as part of the Spider-Man movie promotion. They were given away as loose singles at conventions, movie first previews, etc.


  • Year of Issue: 2001
  • Distributed By: Columbia
  • Title of Series: Spider-Man
  • Number of Regular Cards: 5
  • Chase Sets: None
  • Extra Stuff: None
  • Packet Cover: Not applicable

Basic Cards

Just as you see them. Art on the front, some text on the back.

I'm still missing four of the five cards, so there's no scans yet for the rest.

The complete list of cards is:
  1. Toby Maguire (Peter Parker) (L.A. Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention, May 2002)
  2. Willem Dafoe (Norman Osborn) (L.A. Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention, May 2002)
  3. Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson) (L.A. Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention, May 2002)
  4. John Dykstra (Senior Visual Effects Supervisor) (Wizard World Chicago Con, summer 2001)
  5. Sam Raimi (Director) (San Diego Comic Con, July 2001)

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