Cards : 1996 Eternal Evil

Like the 95 series, the 96 Eternal Evil set features work by a range of artists. There is a wide range of styles evident, but the work is generally top-notch. The overall tone is darker than the other series. The poses are more agressive, and the overtones are more disturbing. With subsets like 'Asylum' and 'R.I.P.', there's an edge to this series which was less evident in the 1995 run, and completely absent in the first series.


  • Year of Issue: 1996
  • Distributed By: Fleer/Skybox International
  • Title of Series: Spider-Man Premium (Eternal Evil)
  • Number of Regular Cards: 100
  • Chase Set 1: 6 Canvas (Oil Painted, Thick Canvas Texture)
  • Chase Set 2: 3 Holomotion (Tilt-to-see-motion holograms)
  • Extra Stuff: None
  • Packet Cover: 8 Cards/Pack. Three styles (Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Carnage).

Basic Cards

All of the regular cards in this series are embossed, and feature a combination of gloss and matt ink. The effect is rather striking. These cards aren't cheap, but they are worth the money, in my humble opinion.

Each subset has completely different styling on the back. The art on the front isn't really very consistent within each subset, but hey, let's not get picky.

Here is the complete set of basic cards, 1-100.

Subset 1: Arachnophilia (4 Cards)
Attractive, painted cards.

Subset 2: Arachno-Foe (32 Cards)
A good mix of the old and the new. A huge variety of styles, with some real gems. A nice un-inked Carnage, a cold-blooded Lizard, an intimidating Rhino, an unearthly Tombstone, and a terrifying Vermin. Sure, there are some duds, like the New Doctor Octopus and an incomprehensible Man-Wolf, but generally, this is great stuff.

Subset 3: Classic Confrontations (6 Cards)
A re-hash of Spider-Man battles. No originality in the selection. Good artwork, but easy to overlook given the banality of the choices of subject.

Subset 4: Red Rumbles (6 Cards)
Time for Ben to strut his stuff. Ouch, how awful it is to remember these battles! Let's move on quickly.

Subset 5: New Duels (6 Cards)
The new classic battles. Nice art, but the layout is a bit distracting.

Subset 6: Black Widows (9 Cards)
Mmmmm... Tasty! Here's a collection of nine dangerous female types. Some great art in this lot. Nice to look at, but you wouldn't want to touch any of 'em!

Subset 7: Eternal Enemies (9 Cards)
There are some villains Spidey can never seem to get away from. Sure, some of these guys were also in the Arachno-Foe subset, but that's alright, this is more good stuff.

Subset 8: Asylum (9 Cards)
You'd have to be mad to be in this subset. All nine are by Dave Devries, and they're all great - in a disturbing sort of way.

Subset 9: Goblin Chronicles (9 Cards)
This is the theme subset, and it is indeed excellent.

Subset 10: R.I.P. (9 Cards)
A farewell to nine dead guys. Of course, three of those are now alive again. All art is by Marc Sasso, and it is, yet again, superb!

  1. Classic Spidey (START: Arachnophilia)
  2. Alien Costume
  3. Scarlet Spider
  4. Spider-Man
  1. Beetle (START: Arachno-Foe)
  2. Boomerang
  3. Cardiac
  4. Carnage
  5. Carrion
  1. Commanda
  2. New Doctor Octopus
  3. El Toro Negro
  4. Female Symbiote
  5. Hammerhead
  6. Homo-Arachnis
  7. Hydro-Man
  8. Judas Traveller
  9. Lizard
  1. Man-Wolf
  2. Morbius
  3. Polestar
  4. Prowler
  5. Puma
  6. Rhino
  7. Spider-Carnage
  8. Scrier
  9. Shocker
  1. Sin-Eater II
  2. Solo
  3. Speed Demon
  4. Spidercide
  5. Tendril
  6. Tombstone
  7. Venom
  8. Vermin
  9. Vulture
  1. Spider-Man vs. Vulture (START: Classic Confrontations)
  2. Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus
  3. Spider-Man vs. Lizard
  4. Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin
  5. Spider-Man vs. Venom
  6. Spider-Man vs. Carnage
  7. Scarlet Spider vs. Kaine (START: Red Rumbles)
  8. Scarlet Spider vs. Doctor Octopus
  9. Scarlet Spider vs. The Pro
  1. Scarlet Spider vs. Looter
  2. Scarlet Spider vs. Override
  3. Scarlet Spider vs. Master Programmer
  4. Spider-Man vs. Poison (START: New Duels)
  5. Spider-Man vs. El Toro Negro
  6. Spider-Man vs. Sandman
  7. Spider-Man vs. Mysterio
  8. Spider-Man vs. Polestar
  9. Spider-Man vs. Hobgoblin
  1. Aura (START: Black Widows)
  2. Black Cat
  3. Joystick
  4. Medea
  5. Poison
  6. She-Venom
  7. Shriek
  8. Stunner
  9. Typhoid Mary
  1. Chameleon (START: Eternal Enemies)
  2. Vulture
  3. Dr. Octopus
  4. Sandman
  5. Lizard
  6. Electro
  7. Mysterio
  8. Scorpion
  9. Kingpin
  1. Carnage (START: Asylum)
  2. Carrion
  3. Chameleon
  4. Electro
  5. Green Goblin
  6. Shriek
  7. Typhoid Mary
  8. Venom
  9. Vermin
  1. Original Green Goblin (START: Goblin Chronicles)
  2. Green Goblin
  3. Jack O' Lantern
  4. Hobgoblin
  5. Demogoblin
  6. New Green Goblin
  7. Goblinette
  8. New Hobgoblin
  9. Norman
  1. Calypso (START: R.I.P.)
  2. Demogoblin
  3. Dr. Octopus
  4. Doppelganger
  5. Green Goblin
  6. Grim Hunter
  7. Jackal
  8. Kraven
  9. Tarantula
Just one card on this last page, the checklist card. The back has the checklist entries in tiny print, broken down by category, including the two chase card sets.
  1. Checklist Card

Chase Cards

Chase Subset 1: Canvas (6 Cards)

Canvas-textured renderings of oil-painted images. These are lovely chase cards to round out a superb set of collectible cards. Lovely to feel, as well as look at.

Chase Subset 2: Holomotion (3 Cards)

Three Holomotion cards are a bit superfluous, actually. They're a bit blurred, and really aren't necessary. The regular cards plus the Canvas already make a solid series.

  1. Canvas - Carnage
  2. Canvas - Hobgoblin
  3. Canvas - Mysterio
  4. Canvas - Scarlet Spider
  5. Canvas - Spider-Man
  6. Canvas - Venom
  1. Holomotion - Hobgoblin
  2. Holomotion - Spider-Man
  3. Holomotion - Venom


Here's the box cover for reference, plus the three different packs.

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