Cards : 1994 Cookie Crisp

This is a commercial set, based on the 1994 Spider-Man FOX cartoon series. There was a set of six cards, which you collected by finding one in each box of Cookie Crisp cereal. There was a second set of six cards, acquired by sending a stamped addressed envelope, and possibly some proof of purchase.


  • Year of Issue: 1994
  • Distributed By: Cookie Crisp
  • Title of Series: Spider-Man
  • Number of Regular Cards: 12
  • Chase Sets: None
  • Extra Stuff: None
  • Packet Cover: None

Basic Cards

The card is framed to look like a frame from a celluloid movie sequence. The frame numbers are not sequential at all. The back has the title repeated, and a paragraph giving a little background to the scene.

Here is the set of six cards that came in the actual pack. I don't have the other six yet, but as soon as I do, you'll see the details up here.

  1. (#24) Doctor Octopus
  2. (#112) Green Goblin
  3. (#117) Peter Parker
  4. (#224) The Shocker
  5. (#321) Spider-Man
  6. (#381) Venom


Here's the front and back of a cereal packet which contained the cards. This particular sample was up for sale on eBay for $15 for the empty box!

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