Cards : 1992 Impel Promo

This is a five card "promo" pack from Impel, commemorating Spider-Man's 30th Anniversary. Normally, a promo pack is a promotion for an upcoming large set of cards, but this is a bit of a strange sort of standalone promo set. Jeff Allender reckons it was Impel's way of having a tie-in to the 30th anniversary because they had acquired the general Marvel license, while Comic Images still had the specific Spidey license.


  • Year of Issue: 1992
  • Distributed By: Impel
  • Title of Series: Amazing Spider-Man (1962 - 30th - 1992)
  • Number of Regular Cards: 5
  • Chase Sets: None
  • Extra Stuff: None
  • Packet Cover: Unknown

Basic Cards

The front of each card shows a framed picture with the words "The Amazing Spider-Man", and "1962 30th 1992". The back of each card features a quote, a comic reference, and some puerile persiflage. It also features one of Impel's patented "WebZingers", i.e. a short, inane demi-witicism.

Here is the complete set of five cards.

  1. SM-1 Spider-Man
  2. SM-2 Mary Jane
  3. SM-3 Black Costume
  4. SM-4 Origin
  5. SM-5 Enemies

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