Beyond Spider-Man : 2001 : Deadpool

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Date: Jul 14, 2001
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Now some more bad news. My second favourite non-Spidey Marvel book, Deadpool, is just about to get flushed down the toilet.

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[No Spider-Man]
Deadpool #56
Sep 2001 : NM ($2.25) : No Spider-Man
Summary: Last Joe Palmiotti Writer
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Here's what CSN had to say...

[Deadpool's recipe] has satisifed fans of the book - but it hasn't done much to attract new readers. That's why editor Michael Marts decided it might be a good time to tinker... [introducing] a strong mutant tie-in.

The upcoming four part arc is called Deadpool: Agent of Weapon X. The storyline ties in with Wolvie, and marks a return to the X-Circle, with crossovers and guest appearances. Frank Tieri, writer from Wolverine, will be taking over.

Way to screw the title, dudes! What, is there seriously a problem with not enough Mutant tie-ins?! Deadpool finally gave us a hard-hitting, wryly witty, tongue-in-cheek alternative to X-Pap (tm), and then the geniuses who run Marvel decide to tar it with the teen-fan X-brush (tm) of mediocracy.

Well, Deadpool #56 will be the last issue I'll be buying. When Jimmy Palmiotti goes, the last of Joe Kelley's legacy will go with him. There goes the neighbourhood!