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The album notes for Spider-Man (by Ahmad Basheer) say "This alburm is the first in a series matching Marvel with music, so be sure to collect them all. If you don't, WHAM! SOK! KLONG!"

The CD re-release from Feb 1999 is a Japanese import. It claims to be #2 in a series named "Diggin' from Prestige", consisting of 10 albums presumably of equally funky 60's jazz. If I could read Japanese, I could tell you what the other albums are. I'll try and do some research to find out if any of the other Marvel albums were ever created.

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Spider-Man: Freddie McCoy
33 rpm LP Code 7444
Year 1966 : NM ($80.00) : SM Title
Summary: Original Release
Producer:  Cal Lampley
Record Label:  Prestige Records
Copyright:  Fantasy, Inc.
Music:  Charlie Wilson, Freddie McCoy, Rudy Lawless, Steve Davis
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NM ($30.00)