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Prestige Records
  Spider-Man: Freddie McCoy
  Spider-Man: Freddie McCoy CD Code VICP-60609
Soundtracks (Movie)
  Spider-Man: Music From And Inspired By
  Hero: CD Single (Spider-Man Movie Theme)
  Spider-Man: Original Motion Picture Score
  Spider-Man 2: Music From And Inspired By
  Spider-Man 2: Original Motion Picture Score
  Michael Buble: Spider-Man
  Spider-Man 3: Music From And Inspired By
  Spider-Man 3: Music From And Inspired By Limited Edition CD
Soundtracks (TV)
  Lewis Brown Sharples: 60's Spider-Man TV Theme
  Eccentric Sound of Spider-Man (Japan TV Music)
  The Electric Company: Spider-Man Theme Tune
  Stan The Man: Spider-Dance
Spider-Man & Friends (Music)
  Spider-Man & Friends CD (Spider-Man 2003)
  Spider-Man & Friends CD (Spider-Man 2004)
Spider-Man Books (Story Reader Audio)
  The Amazing Spider-Man: House Call (Story Reader)
  The Amazing Spider-Man: Picture Perfect (Story Reader)
  The Amazing Spider-Man: Caught In A Web (Story Reader)
  Spider-Man Story Reader Library
Spider-Man Books (VTech)
  Spider-Man & Friends: Where is Hulk? (VTech)
Spider-Man Comics & Record (One-Shots)
  Golden Records: Amazing Spider-Man #1
  Spider-Man is Telling the Truth
  Spider-Man: Chase for the Blue Tiger (Comes to Life)
  The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (Record & Comic)
Spider-Man Electronic Audio Books
  Spider-Man: Night of the Lizard (Touch 'N' Listen)
  Amazing Spider-Man: Follow That Spider (Play-a-Sound)
  Spider-Man 2: Play-a-Sound (Movie Tie-in Sound Book)
  Spider-Man 2: All in a Night's Work (Movie Tie-in Sound Book)
  Spider-Man 3: Movie Tie-In Sound Book
  Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Snapshots (Play-a-Sound)
  Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Super Villain Showdown
  Here Comes Spider-Man! (Play-a-Sound)
  Here Comes Spider-Man! (Play-a-Sound) Small Format (Gift Box)
  Here Comes Spider-Man! (Play-a-Sound) Small Format (Gift Box, 2014)
  Amazing Spider-Man: (Play-a-Sound, 2012)
  Spider-Sense Spider-Man (Play-a-Sound)
  Spider-Man: Spectacular Spider-Powers
  Spider-Man: Lift-A-Flap Sound Book
  I'm Ready to Read with Spider-Man (Play-a-Sound)
Spider-Man Music Records (One-Shots)
  Spider-Man and You!
  The Marvel World of Icarus
  The Marvel World of Icarus CD Version: Sunrise Records (BIEM/MCPS LC12774 31103022)
  Golden Wonder Super-Heroes Snacks Presents
Spider-Man Musicals
  Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave
  Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave 45rpm Single "The Theme from Spider-Man"
  Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave 33rpm LP Record - Picture Disc
  Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave CD Picture Disc
  Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave iPod CD Picture Disc (MP3)
  Spider-Man: Reflections of a Super-Hero
  Spider-Man: Reflections of a Super-Hero 45rpm Single "Spider-Man"
  Spider-Man: Reflections of a Super-Hero CD Release by Winthrop Records
  Spider-Man: BBC Radio Play
  Spider-Man: BBC Radio Play Picture Disk EP
Spider-Man Power Records (Disc & Comic)
  Spider-Man: The Mark of the Man-Wolf (PR10)
  Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men (PR24)
  Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men (PR24 re-released)
  Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men (PR24 re-released, reformatted)
  Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men (PR24 re-released, reformatted) Cassette Tape Version
  Spider-Man: Power Records (Combined)
Spider-Man Power Records (Record Only)
  Power Records: The Amazing Spider-Man & Friends
  Power Records: The Amazing Spider-Man & Friends CD Version: Includes Four Stories from LP Version Plus Invasion of the Dragon-Men
  Peter Pan Records: The Amazing Spider-Man & Friends
  Power Records: Amazing Spider-Man Vol II
  Power Records: The Abominable Showman! (F2283)
  Power Records: The Mad Hatter of Manhattan! (F2284)
  Power Records: Bells of Doom! (F2286)
  Power Records: Conquistador (F2297)
  7 Super Adventures (66627)
Spider-Man Story Records (One-Shots)
  The Amazing Spider-Man Record
  Spidey Super Stories (Record)
  Spider-Man: El Hombre Arana
Spoken Word (Misc)
  The Return of Doctor Octopus (Spoken Word Story)
  The Scorpion Takes a Bride (Spoken Word Story)
  Marvel Super Heroes: How Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk Began (Spoken Word Stories)
  On The Waterfront (ASM #303) Cassette
  The Amazing Spider-Man In Machines and Monsters

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